MAGIX Digital DJ
Professional tools that gives a Genuine DJ feeling.
MAGIX Music Maker Soundtrack Edition
A virtual recording studio where you can produce your own movie music.
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2013 Premium
Comprehensive and full-featured video tool to create professional movies.
MAGIX Analogue Modelling Suite Plus
Simulates the classic sound design of legendary analog audio tools.
MAGIX essentialFX Suite
essentialFX Suite is a collection of 11 effect plug-ins.
MAGIX Music Maker Basic Edition
MAGIX Music Maker is a music composer for creating a track in a few steps.
Magix Samplitude Professional
It is native PC software and therefore independent of proprietary audio hardware.
MAGIX music maker Hip Hop Edition
It provides you with everything you need to make your own Hip Hop songs.
MAGIX Music Maker Producer Edition
Enter the new generation of multimedia software and create what you dream.
MAGIX music maker Techno Edition
MAGIX Music Maker is a powerful yet easy to use music producer.
MAGIX Digital Photo Maker
MAGIX Photo Manager is the improved new version of MAGIX Digital Photo Maker 9.
MAGIX Music Maker for MySpace
With MAGIX Music Maker for MySpace you can easily create music and share it.
MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2010
This is the solution for testing, maintenance and acceleration of PCs.
MAGIX Video deluxe 17 Plus
A software for the video creation, especially prepared for the HD image.
MAGIX MP3 deluxe
All-in-one solution to manage your music.
MAGIX Music Maker MX
Offers over 1,500 brand-new sounds and loops, plus 2,000 great sounds.
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro MX Plus Download Version
Video editing: faster, better and even more powerful – in each and every way.
MAGIX Video Pro X4
Professional video editing software.